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Within the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum, the Berliner Energieagentur together with the European Commission award the prizes, in three different categories, to outstanding European projects and institutions in the field of energy services. Winners were municipalities, institutions and companies from Croatia, Germany, Italy, Romania and Slovenia.  
Post date: 21 Feb 2019
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Zwanzig Berliner Schulen engagierten sich als Leuchtturmschulen im Projekt „Energie und Klimaschutz an Schulen“. Drei Schulen wurden jetzt durch den Berliner Staatssekretär für Umwelt- und Klimaschutz Stefan Tidow ausgezeichnet.
Post date: 7 Ago 2017
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The goal of the workshop was to generate a discussion about the political and legal framework of the EU’s energy efficiency policy, including the directive proposal of the EU Commission. The proposal’s potential effects on current energy efficiency measures in Member States were analyzed. Additionally, experiences with the implementation of energy efficiency policies and measures by Members States and by the private sector were elaborated and exchanged, including presentations about successful implementation of energy saving obligations and energy saving contracting schemes.
Post date: 31 Gen 2012
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PRESS RELEASE:  The efficient use of energy is an important prerequisite for the success of the energy revolution and to achieve the climate protection targets in Europe. Important functions fulfil companies that provide, promote and implement high quality energy services.
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Application deadline: 30th of April 2010 Apply now at Further information and application documents are available at We are looking forward to you application and wish you good luck.
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