Julien Dijol

If one wants to have a short look back at how the European policymakers have dealt with the topic of renovation of housing over the last few years, 2010 would probably be a turning point. That year, on the one hand, the Global Financial Crisis and the various attempts to launch economic recovery plans at the EU and national level effectively put the housing sector and in particular the renovation of the existing stock at the centre of political concern because of its growth-enhancing role.
Post date: 14 Gen 2019
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Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing, published a report that reflects the state of the housing sector in the continent.The report includes: Detailed statistics per member stateThe latest housing trends in a cross-country observationA compilation of the most significant policy updates since 2012Case studies that feature energy efficiency, social integration, innovation in public policy and governanceAnalysis of the interaction of housing policies and EU policies 
Post date: 19 Mag 2015
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