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DECRETO 26 giugno 2009 del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economic. The decree introduces the "National guidelines for energy certification of buildings", which define the national system of energy certification of buildings, complete with calculation methods and standards. NOTE: class G self-declaration of the owner of the property set forth in the National Guidelines was repealed by Decree of November 22, 2012 published in the Official Gazette n. 290 of 13/12/2012. From that date it is no longer permitted in any region.
Post date: 26 Mag 2014
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Legislation pertaining to the Energy Certification of Buildings in Finland (in Finnish). The new law came into force on 1 June 2013.
Post date: 18 Feb 2014
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This Decree implements the relevant EU Directive and provides:
Post date: 28 Gen 2014
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The Act stipulates the obligation of carrying out energy audits, defines the contents of energy audits, the obligation of energy certification of buildings, and the requirements for granting authorisation to persons for performing energy audits and certification of buildings, as well as for performing regular inspections of heating and cooling or air-conditioning systems in buildings. Also penalties are established for building owners and authorised persons.
Post date: 1 Nov 2013
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ENSI EAB Software is used for calculating the energy performance of buildings in energy audits and for preparing building energy certificates. It can be applied to new and existing residential and non-residential buildings.
Post date: 7 Ott 2013
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The regulation determines how to evaluate and express the energy performance of a building taking into account some elements, in particular: thermal properties of a building (envelope, insulation, etc.), heating equipment and hot water supply.
Post date: 14 Nov 2012
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The online database includes all the details of the auditors and all the data of each inspection and each Energy Certificate that is issued.
Post date: 5 Set 2012
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The energy performance system is based on an asset rating of the energy demand of buildings. The buildings are classified in classes from A (best rating) to I (worst rating) on a primary energy and a heating energy basis. The actual minimal requirement for new buildings is a D classification in the two mentioned classes.
Post date: 4 Set 2012
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