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Post date: 28 Mag 2010
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The publication gives an overview of main topics and experiences. Each country has a special background and national distinctions which influenced the implementation process, which are summarized in chapter "Distinctions of the national implementation process". The chapter "Good practice / interesting examples" is a collection of interesting and promising details in the implementation approach of the nations. The details of the general comparison of different national implementation approaches are summarized in chapter "Comparison of national implementation".
Post date: 23 Apr 2010
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The German Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs contracted Fraunhofer-IBP in cooperation with the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning and the company Megawatt to issue an energy certificate based on calculations with the standard DIN V 18599. The complex energy supply concept includes combined heat and power units based on biofuel, seasonal heat and cold storages and connects via local district heating and cooling networks several parliamentary buildings. The building was retrofitted between 1991 and 1999 according to the architectural plans of Sir Norman...
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When you download the CERMA software a PowerPoint (PPT) file is installed that explains how to use the software and the technical basis.
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Healthy indoor air qualtiy and climate are most imporant performance criteria of buildings, and it would be useful to include indicative values of indoor air qualitry and climate in the same diplay as the energy performance. Are there any examples or even possibilities to do this?
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General information on the project and partners, preliminary results and deliverables: Reports Report "International, European und national valuation practices and connecting points to energy performance certificates and LCC assessment" (D2), PDF 1,55 Mb Overview report on different energy performance certificate approaches and their assessment in the context of property valuation (D3.1), PDF 3,09 Mb
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The main aim of the Community is to share knowledge, initiate discussions, raise questions and search for solutions concerning new ways in which energy certification can be even better than today. This community will give focused information on various topics (e.g. news, publications, events, FAQ, relevant cases and tools) with specific attention to certification. Furthermore an active and dynamic interaction including discussion is foreseen.
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