PV - photovoltaics

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Internet users can assess the solar potential of their roofs through a platform developed by Google. The online “calculator”, which was only accessible in the US, has now reached Europe, starting in Germany   Despite increasing talk about renewable energy, many people remain far removed from what’s going on. To tackle this, various projects have been developed over the years helping users to better understand and use green energy sources.  
Post date: 13 Lug 2017
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The 9th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2017 will take place 16 - 18 August, 2017 and covers an exhibition area of about 30,000 square meters therefore making the PV Guangzhou 2017 one of the largest solar PV exhibitions in South China. Venue:  China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China  
Post date: 5 Lug 2017
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The EU funded BRESAER Project (BREakthrough Solutions for Adaptable Envelopes in building Refurbishment) aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative envelope system that uses cost-effective, adaptable solutions for building refurbishment. It combines active and passive components, integrating them into a lightweight structural mesh.   The innovative solutions developed by the project include:  
Post date: 20 Giu 2017
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King’s Lodge, in the English county of Wiltshire, has 96 solar panels producing around 20,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year. The school is one of 19 in the UK that joined a project which attracted 770-thousand-euros of crowdfunding   EU Green Week is urging us to think about the environment, as governments face pressure to boost renewable energy sources.  
Post date: 8 Giu 2017
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Tijdens de week van 19-25 juni, verschillende activiteiten zullen plaatsvinden op de eilanden van Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura en Tenerife, in de context van de EUSEW 2017 Energie-Dagen. De gebeurtenissen hebben betrekking op de volgende onderwerpen:   Duurzame energie transformatie       Ocean energy     Pomp energie     Wind energie     Fotovoltaïsche energie     thermo-elektrische energie     Geothermische energie  
Post date: 31 Mag 2017
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The 2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics (ICEEE 2017) focuses on energy, environment and economics of energy systems and their applications.   Contributions are invited, but not limited to, the following topics:   Energy  
Post date: 25 Mag 2017
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Two solar-related projects are included in the last cut-off of the Fast Track to Innovation pilot scheme (FTI), which runs since 2015 under the EU's research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.   These projects are:   Integrated solar heating and cooling unit based on a novel zeolite chiller and heat pump: The project receives 2,167,437.50€.
Post date: 1 Feb 2017
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International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Solar World Congress (SWC 2017) - 5th International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry (SHC 2017)   The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Solar World Congress (SWC) 2017 will be held together with the 5th International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry (SHC 2017). The theme of this joint event is: "Innovation for the 100% renewable energy transformation".   Themes and recommended topics for abstract submission include:
Post date: 10 Gen 2017
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Within the PV Financing project, Housing Europe has contributed to highlight the specific nature and potential of the sector as beneficiary of the investment in solar energy. European guidelines to help investors, public authorities and housing providers to develop a business case have just recently been published.  
Post date: 9 Gen 2017
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The 14th edition of the PV Status Report by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) gives an overview of the current trends in PV industry. Over the last 15 years, this industry the has grown from a small group of companies and key players into a global business where information gathering is becoming increasingly complex.  
Post date: 3 Gen 2017
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