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SPHERE’s ultimate goal is the Improvement and optimisation of buildings’ energy design, construction, performance, and management, reducing construction costs and their environmental impact while increasing overall energy performance. SPHERE project will integrate two planes of research, innovation and improvement:  
Post date: 26 Giu 2020
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They look like ordinary windows but they're not. Inside each pane, there is a continuous flow of distilled water and glycol. The windows have been designed by researchers and architects working to create the energy-efficient buildings of tomorrow. The technology is being tested at an experimental pavilion in Sofia.
Post date: 4 Dic 2019
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Mission The mission of EuroWindoor (EW) is to represent the interest of the European window, door and facade manufacturers through close dialogue with EU and other relevant institutions. Thereby contributing to the EU’s commitment regarding better regulation as well as job creation, energy security, resource efficiency and carbon emission reductions without imposing unnecessary burdens on the sector.  
Post date: 18 Nov 2019
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DWC 2018 - 2018 West China (Chongqing) Exhibition on doors, windows and curtains Date: 27th-29th September, 2018     Venue: Chongqing International Expo Center, China Address: No. 66 of Yuelai Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing City
Post date: 4 Giu 2018
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by Dimitra Papadaki (NKUA)   The growing field of nanotechnology can be found in healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, information technology, and environmental protection, but also in the building sector. It involves the production of materials and structures (nanomaterials) at a scale of 100 nanometres or less.  
Post date: 13 Dic 2017
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Vacuum tube window technology for highly insulating building fabric: An experimental and numerical investigation  
Post date: 5 Dic 2017
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This guide, released by the National House Building Council (NHBC) Foundation, presents the impact of window choice on energy performance for a range of typical home types (mid-floor apartment, mid-terrace house, semi-detached house, detached house). The guidance is developed from modelling results using the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP).  
Post date: 27 Set 2017
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Questa guida per la finestra di installatori è stato prodotto da sei organizzazioni professionali che sono membri del francese Building Federation (FFB) e i rappresentanti della progettazione, la fabbricazione e l'installazione di windows. Il suo obiettivo è quello di fornire finestra installatori assistenza nella prescrizione di ventilazione prese d'aria sui telai delle finestre durante la finestra di dialogo modifica di operazioni in un edificio esistente, in modo che l'installazione sia conforme ai requisiti del regolamento.
Post date: 16 Mag 2017
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How will the sector of windows and doors look in Poland in 2031? Based on foresight research prepared by ASM-Market Research and Analysis Centre, 4 different scenarios have been prepared for the Polish Windows and Doors Association.  
Post date: 27 Dic 2016
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This white paper, released by the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO) focuses on the overheating risk in low energy buildings with the aim to strengthen the awareness of member states of a growing problem which is not sufficiently addressed in the current Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).  The paper brings up the growing problem of people suffering from uncomfortable indoor temperature.   According to the document, an explicit article on overheating has to be included in the EPBD review:  
Post date: 25 Nov 2016
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