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The aim of this short video is to explain to decision-makers and the general public, the contributions of windows in buildings. When most people still resonate in terms of simple, double or triple glazing, Glass for Europe tries to shed light on the concept of energy balance and the importance of the right choice of glazing. Using simple graphics and vocabulary, the video is meant to be accessible to anyone interested in learning more about windows.
Post date: 4 Feb 2014
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The Energy Labelling System (SEEP), a project sponsored by ADENE (Portuguese Agency for Energy), rates, on a voluntary basis, the energy performance of products used in buildings. It serves as a tool to encourage better decisions and greater savings on household expenses for consumers in Portugal. The label classifies energy performance on a scale from "G" (least efficient) to "A" (most efficient).SEEP primarily focuses on products not regulated by the energy labelling Directive and with an influence on a building´s energy consumption.
Post date: 15 Gen 2014
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This slide presentation from ADENE (Portuguese Agency for Energy) shows the importance of the energy renovation of the building stock in Portugal. Energy renovation is a good way to improve comfort, to reduce the energy bill, to sell or rent more easily, to reduce the environmental impact of the building.
Post date: 13 Gen 2014
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The CONCERTO APP Experience the impact of sustainable construction and renewable energy sources.
Post date: 21 Nov 2013
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Solar glare and solar heat gain can have a disruptive effect on an employee’s concentration and productivity. Consequently, modern offices are increasingly looking for solutions that protect against the sun and can control workplace temperatures. This EWFA case study outlines how French bank Société Générale installed solar control window film in their historic Zurich offices to deal with excessive solar heat gain. With over 30 people and 100 computers working in a single room, the south-facing 7th floor offices regularly became far too hot, despite window blinds and air conditioning...
Post date: 18 Ott 2013
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This report from the French Program RAGE 2012 presents different strategies for the energy renovation of an existing building, with detailed charts according to different situations. It also contains 10 files providing technical solutions: which concern insulation techniques of the building envelope, windows, ventilation systems, heating systems.
Post date: 9 Ott 2013
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In February 2013, HomeWise commissioned a survey that revealed people feel dissatisfied with their new build home after only two years of moving in.Three key issues stood out as the biggest problems for residents of new build home:Energy, Space and natural light Daylight is essential. The importance of natural light in the household not only reduces energy costs & improves the appearance of your home but also affects your health & mental well-being.
Post date: 15 Mag 2013
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Thermische Sanierung   Grants are made available in the field of building thermal rehabilitation.   Eligible target groups are:  
Post date: 15 Apr 2013
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Rekonstrueerimise toetus   This grant provided by KredEx is designed for associations and communities wishing to reconstruct their apartment buildings as completely as possible. The grant may be combined with the renovation loan of KredEx to decrease the share of required self-financing, as well as with collected own funds.  
Post date: 18 Mar 2013
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This scheme is now closed.   Prime double vitrage   Double glazing incentive is financial aid obtained from the Walloon Region for the replacement of bad performing window frames and glazing in residential buildings.   The new window must be double glazed and meet certain energy performance criteria.   The subsidy is set at € 45 per m2 of replaced window frame or glazing area. However, for full property owners, this amount may be increased.   
Post date: 13 Mar 2013
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