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New in this edition is a building efficiency policy assessment tool that provides a simple framework to help decision-makers evaluate policy priorities through dialogue and input from key stakeholders.  This edition also includes new content on private-sector policy priorities that create favorable market conditions for investment in buildings efficiency.  The new content was generated to support policymakers seeking to leverage private-sector capital, technology and services to scale up their efficiency market.   
Post date: 18 Giu 2012
Type: Publication

Of particular notice are the following measures that Claude Turmes (Greens/EFA, LU), who led the negotiations, has pointed out as ¨crucial to delivering concrete energy savings.¨
Post date: 15 Giu 2012
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The organization's activities include technical and market research, educational outreach, and the crafting of building codes and other policy and program initiatives. IMT works to strengthen linkages among property value, green building and energy performance.
Post date: 14 Giu 2012
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This publication is one of the IEA Country Reviews on energy policies.
Post date: 11 Giu 2012
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The poster below was found in Rue Montoyer, Brussels. If I understand it correctly, it campaigns for a more ambitious Energy Efficiency Directive, currently under negotiation.I find it quite impressive that the EU Council discussion is featured in the 'street media'. This suggests that the poster's producer believes that the issue is relevant to the average pedestrian.
Post date: 31 Mag 2012
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The Flemish Energy Decree coordinates and replaces all existing energy related decrees of the Flemish Parliament:
Post date: 28 Mag 2012
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