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Ritratto di Olli Seppänen

Olli Seppänen

Secretary General, Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations (REHVA) (Non-profit)

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Ventilation inspections

In the plenary meeting  on April 23th  the Parliament accepted 90+ changes in the recast EPBD  prepared by the Commission, one of those was the extension of the A/C inspections to cover also ventilation. I am not sure if this really was an...

A Handbook of sustainable building design and engineering: an integrated approach to energy, health and operational performance of buildings


Finnish Plans for Energy Efficiency Programme published June 10th

Radical change required throughout society – solid foundation for measures crucialAccording to the Committee, these challenging targets cannot be achieved via single measures alone. Instead, radical change is called for throughout society - even in...

Finnish Energy Efficiency Programme

Determined energy saving and energy efficiency measures can achieve savings of 37 terawatt hours in final energy consumption by 2020. This can be achieved through 125 measures that the Energy Efficiency Committee, established by the Ministry of...

Finnish Ministry of the Environment


REHVA - Federation of European Heating and Air-conditiong Associations


Displacement Ventilation in Non-Industrial Premises


Ventilation and smoking - Reducing the exposure to ETS in buildings


Computational Fluid Dynamics in Ventilation Design


Hygiene requirement for ventilation and air-conditioning

VDI Guideline 6022, one of the most popular Guidelines published by VDI. Since 1998, more than 10.000 copies of VDI Guidebooks have been printed and thousands of people went to the training described in the guidebook. As the result the hygiene...