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Ritratto di Olli Seppänen

Olli Seppänen

Secretary General, Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations (REHVA) (Non-profit)

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Long-term climate and energy policy adopted in Finland

Climate protection needs to promote development that is ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. Indicators of sustainable well-being should be elaborated to complement gross domestic product data. The target of the foresight report is...

Advanced ventilation - Building AdVent

Case studies (8 page - brochures) Teaching material (ppt-presentations) in English, Greek, Portuguese and Danish Technical reports Useful links

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2010

Array EU Sustainable Energy Week 2010: What's in it for you? 1. Many Energy Days across the EU – yours as well? Wherever you live in Europe, you can be part of the EUSEW by organising an Energy Day in your...

Poikkilaakso School Helsinki, Finland, AdVent Case 8


Nordea Bank Building Helsinki, Finland

Key points concerning the design Each room has room controller which enables the highest thermal comfort standard. Chilled beams, low velocity induction devices, provide silent air distribution with low air velocities. The...

Edifício dos Serviços Administrativos da Parque EXPO’98, Lisbon, Portugal

Key points concerning the designCombined natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation with air-conditioning and some heat recovery. Use of perforated shading panels to reduce direct solar gain while allowing natural day-lighting. Use of external...

Edifício das Pós-Graduações Porto, Portugal


Paper Warehouse and Offices Aggelidis – Georgakopoulos A.E.B.E. Athens , Greece


Edifício Solar XXI Lisbon, Portugal


AdVent Case 2 GSIS Building Athens