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Olli Seppänen

Secretary General, Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations (REHVA) (Non-profit)

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Advanced ventilation - Archaeological museum of Delphi

The building is fitted with mechanical ventilation, supplemented by openable windows. The original mechanical installation of the building was replaced by an air to air HVAC system equipped with heat recovery. The number of people visiting the...

Recast of the EPBD: Observations and Recommendations regarding Impact, Compliance and Control issues


Solar air-conditioning - Solair

Technical information on solar air conditioning with several case studies from several European countries. The demand for air-conditioning has been increasing through the last decade due to improved comfort and occurring higher temperatures. And...

A set of reference buildings for energy performance calculation studies

Earlier intercomparison studies have shown that already the calculation of floor areas, envelope areas etc. lead to different results when national calculation standards of several European Member States have to be followed. In most cases one or...

New brochure on the Assessment and Improvement of the EPBD Impact available for download

ASIEPI stands for 'Assessment and Improvement of the EPBD Impact (for new buildings and building renovation)'. The project addresses 6 technical issues:EPBD requires Member States to define building energy performance requirements...

Software and atlases for evaluating thermal bridges

Information paper P198 (initially P152) of the European Project ASIEPI. This information paper is an updated version of P152 (2009) and P197 (April 2010) and replaces them.

Air tightness requirements for high performance building envelopes

The implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) has caused in most of the EU Member States more severe requirements for the energy demand of buildings. In order to meet these requirements, not only buildings components...

IAQ and energy certificates in public buildings

Healthy indoor air qualtiy and climate are most imporant performance criteria of buildings, and it would be useful to include indicative values of indoor air qualitry and climate in the same diplay as the energy performance. Are there any examples...

Are energy certificates really posted in public buildings?

I have visited several public buildings in EU-countries but very few of them have posted the energy cerificate visiby. Could you share your experience with a photograpph. How it is done in practise? In Finland there are no national requirements of...

District Heating and Cooling, including the integration of CHP

Array Who should attend: -researchers working with district heating related issues -company representatives who want to know about the current R&D possibilities -members of the Project Groups and Experts Groups of building related programmes...