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Ritratto di Fernando Sigchos Jiménez

Fernando Sigchos Jiménez

Project & Communication Manager, European Builders Confederation (Non-profit)

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BIM4Ren tools: Insights on Data acquisition, enhancement & simulation

The Horizon 2020 project BIM4Ren investigates its use and potential in renovation projects, through easy-to-use tools, to achieve the EU energy targets for the European building stock.    We are hosting our 2nd webinar, offering the opportunity to...

CONDAP: Green, digital and communication skills for mentors in construction apprenticeships

On 10 November 2020, join us for the CONDAP online event: “Green, digital and communication skills for mentors in construction apprenticeships”, organised by the European Builders Confederation (EBC) in relation to the Erasmus +...

Meet BIM4Ren: easy-to-use BIM tools for renovation

BIM methods and tools have an increasing impact in the construction sector, to help to improve the productivity and cooperation across its full value chain. While BIM has mainly been applied on new buildings, the BIM4Ren project investigates its use...

BIM4REN - Deliverable: Digitalisation of the building renovation process

The first Work Package (WP1) of the Horizon 2020 project BIM4Ren has been concluded. The main milestone achieved at this stage is the completion of the definition of the “Overall framework for a digital driven Integrated Design and Delivery...

BIM4Ren project

BIM4REN is a European funded research project involving 23 European partners. Its general objective is to help improving the low productivity rate of the European construction sector in the market segment of energy renovation. By innovating and...

BIM4REN project: easy-to-use BIM tools for collaborative construction energy renovation works

With 3 million enterprises and 18 million workers, the construction industry represents around 9% of the European Union GDP. However, the sector is among the least digitalised industries of the European economy. The construction industry is also...

SBS Construction Forum - Construction Products Regulation

SBS Construction Forum - Open discussion on the Construction Products Regulation   The SBS Construction Forum, on Wednesday 11th October in Brussels (14.00-17.00), will focus entirely on challenges and opportunities of the ...

World Sustainable Energy Days: Construction SMEs – key players in energy efficiency

The World Sustainable Energy Days, which take place in Austria from 1 to 3 March, are one of the biggest events about sustainable energy in Europe. The key role of construction SMEs for the energy renovation of the European building stock was the...

Retrofitting the private housing stock seminar: Juncker Plan

Retrofitting the private housing stock: Is the Juncker Plan a solution?   EBC and UIPI have joined forces to organise a series of roundtables on the theme of “Financing energy efficiency in private housing”. The...

Shelter pilot project - A.R.T.E Genova pilot site

Building general characteristics:Building from 1931, composed of six floors and of 84 public housing unitsConstruction characteristics:Building made of concrete, external walls composed of double walls (externally solid bricks and internally...