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Inclusion of New Buildings / NZEBs in Residential Building Typologie (EPISCOPE project)

Building typologies have proved to be a useful instrument for an in-depth understanding of the energy performance of certain building types and categories. In the framework of the IEE project TABULA, residential building typologies have been...

Responsible Retrofit Guidance Wheel

The Wheel has been developed by the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) carrying on from their report “The Responsible Retrofit of Traditional Buildings” which was published in September 2012. The Wheel is funded by the Department of...

Ireland, Energy in the Residential Sector: 2013 Report

Date: September 2013This report provides a profile and analysis of Irish energy use in the residential sector, updated from the Energy in the Residential Sector – 2008 Report. It broadly follows the format of the previous report...

The European Data Forum (EDF) 2014

Welcome to the European Data Forum 2014. The EDF is the annual meeting-point for data practitioners from industry, research, the public-sector and community initiatives, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the emerging Data Economy in...

U-value & heat demand - online calculator

The U-value calculator assists you in planning the insulation of your home by providing valuable information on the necessary amount of insulation and on avoiding problems with condensing humidity. Heat demand calculator (beta)The heat demand...


Overview The building envelope; also known as the building shell, fabric or enclosure ; is the boundary between the conditioned interior of a building and the outdoors. The energy performance of building envelope components,...

Energy Efficiency of Buildings Assessment of Energy Performances of the Serbian Building Stock

The assessment of energy performances of buildings has been carried out by structuring a national catalogue of the existing buildings. Within the catalogue, a characteristic building typology for Serbia will be defined, together with the...

Buildings and Energy Data Frameworks: University College London (UCL) Energy Institute

The overall aim of the EPSRC funded Building and Energy Data Frameworks project was to help produce greatly improved data on the building stock of Britain - both domestic and non-domestic - and its uses of energy. The UK Government is committed to...

Smarter Buildings: Using data to drive optimised building performance

How can we exploit building data to drive improvements? How do we go beyond the current practices and drive down operational and energy costs? Understanding how a building is performing through the continuous monitoring of its...

Netherlands: an interactive BAG viewer

Kadaster collects and registers administrative and spatial data on property and the rights involved (This also goes for ships, aircraft and telecom networks). Doing so, Kadaster protects legal certainty. We are also responsible for national mapping...