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Ritratto di Gerhard Bayer

Gerhard Bayer

senior expert, Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (Non-profit)

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10 years of the program Building of Tomorrow in Austria

Building of Tomorrow  http://www.hausderzukunft.at/english.htm  is a research, technology and development programme from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT for short). Starting from the low-energy solar...

Report on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings until 2020 published on BUILD UP

The Report on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings until 2020 was published on BUILD UP.  See under topic "news" http://www.buildup.eu/news/9727 and under "publications" http://www.buildup.eu/publications/9765   The report shows the perspectives and paths...

Largest Passive House project in Europe has been opened in Tirol (Austria)

The largest Passive House project in Europe (project Lodenareal) has been opened in October 2009 in Innsbruck, the capital city of Tirol  (Austria). About 35.000 m² (brutto) for 354 flats (26.000 m²) have been build by the building owner Neue Heimat...

World largest Passive House settlement "Eurogate" started in Vienna (Austria)

In October 2009 the construction work of the world largest Passive House settlement with 1.700 flat at 100.000 m² has started.  Within a tender the City administration of Vienna has stated the Passive House standard as a precondition for building on...

First Passive House Hotel in Austria (and probably in the world)


PASS-NET - Communication towards public authorities - Joint report on financial support schemes

The study has been carried out within the IEE project PASS-NET www.pass-net.net

Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT)

Website of the organisation "Austrian Society for Environment and Technology", reports of studies and working groups, summaries of project activities