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Credits: BUILDHEAT project

OVERVIEW | Integrated kits for building renovation

The building renovation sector has been moving towards the trend of using prefabricated renovation kits as an approach to effectively target the needs of any given project, and the design of kit-solutions that are able to respond to a range of...

Renovation of a 6-storey office building located in Saint-Etienne

The construction is an office building originally in masonry whose renovation has been designed by atelier d’architecture Rivat as architectural firm (Architecte associé: atelier des vergers).   The renovation has been completed in 2017 and it is...

ePANACEA Common framework for a modular methodology: Inventory of smart and novel technologies

The ePANACEA report "Common framework for a modular methodology: Inventory of smart and novel technologies" describes the process followed for the development of an inventory of smart and novel technologies which have an impact on the...

ePANACEA Implementation of innovative certification schemes

The report "Next Generation of EPCs and Quality Convergence across the EU: Implementation of Innovative Certification Schemes" aims to tackle current EPC challenges by proposing new features for implementation within existing schemes.  ...

AIVC February 2021 Newsletter Special Issue on COVID-19

As already announced in the November issue of the AIVC newsletter, the AIVC board decided to start a project to collect, discuss and disseminate information about COVID‐19 in relation to ventilation and airtightness.   A working group was...

Brick Vault House / Space Popular

  Architects: Space Popular Area:  235 m² Year:  2020 Photographs:  Mariela Apollonio Collaborating Architects: Estudio Alberto Burgos, Javier Cortina Maruenda City: Santa Bárbara Country: Spain The Brick Vault House is a prototype for...
This residential house is currently among the finalists for the Archdaily Building of the Year 2021.

Policy Recommendations

For the current program period EU has dedicated a significant part of the European Regional Development Fund to achieve a low carbon economy. In Sweden these funds are partly managed by regional programs and partly by a national regional...

Energy Efficiency 2020 - Buildings chapter from IEA

This chapter of the Energy Efficiency 2020 report by IEA focuses on Buildings.   A complex interplay of factors will determine how the Covid-19 crisis influences energy intensity in the buildings sector in the coming years.   In the short...

Buildings and climate change adaptation: A call to action

This report is the first output of the GlobalABC “adaptation” working group, launched at COP24 in Katowice.   During the Global- ABC meeting in Rabat in October 2018, the representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco and GlobalABC members...

Brinova Arena Karlskrona sport centre - Karlskrona

Brinova Arena Karlskrona is a multi functional venue suitable for both larger events and smaller sports activities. It is built to PHI Low Energy Standard and was completed in 2019.   Parties involved:   Architecture: UULAS Arkitekter AB...