Campaigning and awareness raising


Webinar: Using ENERFUND to identify Energy non-Efficient buildings

This webinar took place October 22nd 2019.

The webinar recording is availabre in our YouTube channel and the presentation through this link.

ENERFUND is a tool that rates and scores deep renovation opportunities. The tool is based on a set of parameters such as the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) rating, year of construction of the building, cost of...

New open access Learning Centre launched to support district heating system improvements

On the occasion of the 2019 CELSIUS Summit on thermal energy systems of the future, which took place on 17-18 October in ICLEI Member Brussels (Belgium), the KeepWarm project has announced the launch of an online Learning Centre on...

SONNET project

This project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 reasearch and innovatio programme under Grant Agreement N°837498.

SOCIAL INNOVATION IN ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Co-creating a rich understanding of the diversity, processes, contributions, success and future potentials of social innovation in the energy sector The SONNET project would like to make individuals...

EERAdata project

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 847101.

Data-driven decision-support to increase energy efficiency through renovation in European building stock About EERAdata EERAdata aims to accelerate the implementation of the Energy Efficiency first principle across Europe...

“Transdisciplinarity” for a sustainable future

It is clear that we need to build a more sustainable world. Groups of people from all different areas are working towards this goal. However, so often we work in silos, trying to leverage our specific expertise only. The problem is that...

FME Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities (ZEN)

What do they do? At the ZEN Research Centre, they conduct research on zero emission neighbourhoods (ZEN) in smart cities. Their goal is to develop solutions for future buildings and neighbourhoods with no greenhouse gas emissions and...

The Renovate Europe Campaign

Renovate Europe is a political communications campaign with the ambition to reduce the energy demand of the EU building stock by 80% by 2050 through legislation and ambitious renovation programmes. Accelerating the rate of...

Living labs in zero emission neighbourhoods: Definition, ideas, and examples

Living labs are user centred initiatives where knowledge production involves individuals or user groups affected by sustainable transitions. The FME Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities (ZEN) has chosen living...