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New French decree requiring energy renovation of public and commercial buildings

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The Decree 2017-918 of the French Government requires the improvement of the energy performance of existing commercial and public buildings. It applies to buildings or parts of buildings belonging to a single owner, for offices, hotels, shops, education and administration, with a useful floor area greater than 2000 m2, with the exception of temporary buildings and some historical buildings.

The first energy saving works are to be achieved by 2020 for an energy saving of 25% and others by 2030 for an energy saving of 40%. The energy scenarios and renovation works with their profitability must be the subject of a technical-economic study to be carried out by a recognised auditor. Energy audits and action plans to achieve the objectives of reducing energy consumption must be submitted to an organisation designated by the Ministry of Construction before 1 July 2017. Then each year the actual energy consumption has also to be submitted, and before 1 July 2020 a full report on the work carried out and the energy savings achieved.  


For further information (in French), please click on the link below.