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EU Green Week - Session 2.1 Innovation in implementing sustainable construction ambitions

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In collaboration with WorldGBC

The EU has boldly led global action on energy efficiency in buildings. Across the region, a giant industry is mobilising to deliver a  new  generation  of nearly  zero  energy buildings from  2021. 


As we  near  this  deadline,however,  leading  states  and  industry  actors  are  waking  up  to  the  reality that we are only addressing part of the building sector’s impact.  Our  vision  must  now  extend towards its total impact.This session will explore the EU’s world-leading efforts to establish foundations for a sustainable construction agenda: Level(s)-which brings together climate, environment, social and economic goals. Level(s) addresses greenhouse gas emissions, resources and circularity, water, health, resilience, cost and value, looking at impacts through the whole building life cycle.


Participants will  learn  how  leaders  from  the  public,  private  and  third  sectors  are  innovating  to implement  sustainable  construction ambitions  andengage  in  how  we  overcome  implementation challenges to a sustainable built environment.



Matti Kuittinen, Senior Adviser, Ministry of the Environment, Finland

Lena Hök, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Skanska

Lars Ostenfeld Riemann, Executive Director, Ramboll Buildings

Christine Lemaitre, CEO, German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)



James Drinkwater, Europe Director, World Green Building Council

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