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Building sector accounts a significant percentage of total global energy-related CO2 emissions. Energy is consumed at different buildings’ lifecycle and can be analysed from different perspectives or scales. That means that competitive solutions should be found in the building sector to revolutionise energy efficiency and management in buildings.  
Post date: 14 jun 2021
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The latest deliverable from the Horizon 2020 SENSEI project aims to identify the relationship between the compensation rate structures within a P4P scheme and the required energy efficiency measures of a group of selected buildings.  
Post date: 10 jun 2021
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The 2021 virtual edition of InnoGrid, organised by the European Distribution System Operators’ Association (E.DSO) and the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) takes place on Friday, 4 June and Friday, 11 June.  
Post date: 8 jun 2021
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In Cities4PEDs the cities of Brussels, Vienna and Stockholm collaborate with experts from research, innovation and citizen participation to jointly investigate how cities can adapt and use their planning and implementation instruments so that urban development results in neighborhoods that produce more energy than they consume.  
Post date: 4 jun 2021
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This B2B and pitching event focusses on Sustainable and Smart Technologies for Cities and invites you to discover multiple business and cooperation opportunities in the field of energy performance, urban mobility, sustainable construction, circularity, low carbon economy and digital transformation. Join us on-line and increase your chances to go international and to find your next international partner.  
Post date: 27 mei 2021
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The digitalisation of existing buildings is yet far from being generalised. In consequence, building occupants and owners have limited knowledge and understanding of their building as an energy system, and how their behaviour can impact it. Smart technologies represent a strong lever to increase the energy efficiency in buildings in the short term and with limited investments, in an approach that is complementary to longer-term deep renovation projects.  
Post date: 20 mei 2021
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The objective of the Cervera HySGRID+ network  is to strengthen the technological capacity of Spanish Technology Centres with a high level of complementarity and promote their solid cooperation with the ultimate aim of researching and developing new technological solutions that facilitate the creation of local energy positive balance communities (LEPC) with high efficiency and based on hybrid renewable power and storage systems.  
Post date: 10 mei 2021
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Open Research Europe is an open access publishing platform for the publication of research stemming from Horizon 2020 funding across all subject areas. The platform makes it easy for Horizon 2020 beneficiaries to comply with the open access terms of their funding and offers researchers a publishing venue to share their results and insights rapidly and facilitate open, constructive research discussion.  
Post date: 7 mei 2021
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Europe needs a rapid scale-up of wind energy to help keep global warming well below 2 °C and deliver on its Paris Climate Agreement commitments. Established in 2016 to inform research and innovation policy at European and national level, the European Technology & Innovation Platform on Wind Energy (ETIPWind) provides a public platform to wind energy stakeholders to identify priorities and foster innovations.  
Post date: 27 apr 2021
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A next generation energy efficiency meter named eensight has been created. The eensight tool is based on machine learning and will contribute to the much-needed advancement of the automated measurement and verification (M&V) methods for portfolios of buildings’ energy efficiency and provide essential insights for investors, legislators, building owners and energy companies to realise their goals.  
Post date: 19 apr 2021
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