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As part of the European Research programme, COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology), since 2017 a network of researchers and experts from industry, academic and technological development organisations have been actively addressing the question...

Guidelines on ventilative cooling by IEA Annex 62

Ventilation is already present in buildings through mechanical and/or natural systems and it can remove excess heat gains as well as increase air velocities and thereby also widen the thermal comfort range. IEA Annex 62 experts developed guidelines...

Solar building skins as a way for achieving EPBD and EU policy targets

Following the European Commission’s data, buildings are responsible for 40 % of final energy consumption and 36 % of CO2 emissions in the EU. About the 75% of the existing buildings are energy insufficient while only 0,4-1,2% of the building stock...

New standards for designing natural ventilation in buildings

Although EPBD stated that minimum energy performance requirements shall take into account indoor climate conditions, many member states neglected indoor environmental issues while implementing energy conservation policies. As a result, nZEB rush...