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Gabriella Kemendi

Policy Officer, VIPA International - Vacuum Insulation Panel Association (Non-profit)

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Vacuum Insulation Panel technology used in façade insulation of the Grand Tower Frankfurt

VIPA International Case study: Vacuum Insulation Panel technology used in façade insulation of the Grand Tower Frankfurt The Challenge   The population in many large cities has been exploding for years. At the same time, there is...

More space and saving energy with Vacuum Insulation Panels

VIPA International is organizing a conference entitled ‘More space and saving energy with Vacuum Insulation Panels’. This event (free of charge) will take place on Thursday morning, 27 September 2018, in Vienna, Austria.   We invited a panel of...

Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) technology provides luxury finish to mixed-use development in London

The plot on Mentmore Terrace in a highly desirable area of London had stood vacant for more than ten years. The project for the new 5 storey building had to achieve high thermal performance to respect the Building Regulation requirements. To reflect...

Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) technology simplifies the energy refurbishment of an office building built in the 1960s

An Energy retrofit of a 50 year old office building of FrymaKoruma in Rheinfelden, Switzerland with the aim of improving the heating and energy efficiency.The heating energy consumption of the 4,200 m³ large office building could be reduced from 333...

Vacuum insulation panel (VIP) technology helps turn ‘70s secondary school into state of the art passive house

To renovate the secondary school of Freilassing in Bavaria following the passive house requirements, the architects decided to use Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) to save as much space as possible.The ultra-thin and high performing VIPs allowed the...

Vacuum Insulation Panel increases energy performance without compromising the usable space of a traditional Swiss house

This case study showcases how vacuum insulation panels (VIP) improved the insulation of a traditional house in Switzerland without any impact on the facade of the building and any reduction of the usable space.The family house in Thun (30 km from...