Internal insulation systems

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Aerogel materials for heritage buildings: Materials, properties and case studies

Aerogels are open-porous, high-performance thermal insulation materials that can be used for very thinbuilding insulation. So far, the application conditions of these materials and their potential in heritagebuildings have not yet been described...

Evaluation of natural-based internal insulation systems in historic buildings through a holistic approach

Historic buildings are defining elements of city centres but also responsible for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce their energy demand, it is important to improve envelopes’ thermal transmittance without damaging the...

Altering existing buildings in the UK

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Ventilation rates and IAQ in European national regulations

Thinking Deeper: Financing Options for Home Retrofit

This report identies demand and supply side barriers which together form a very real impediment to investment in energy effciency. In so doing, it combines standard economic analysis with new insights from behavioral economics and...

Financing Mechanisms for Europe’s Buildings Renovation

Green Business cases

A Guide to Energy Efficient Ventilation

The following paragraphs give a brief summary only of the detailed contents of this publication:Contents:Chapter 1 Rationale and Background to VentilationChapter 2 Indoor Air Quality and ComfortChapter 3 The Energy Impact of Ventilation...

Residential Efficiency Retrofits: A Roadmap for the Future

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Energy Efficiency Scenarios 2020 and beyond in the EU and EU Member

The goal of the workshop was to generate a discussion about the political and legal framework of the EU’s energy efficiency policy, including the directive proposal of the EU Commission. The proposal’s potential effects on current energy...