On-site renewable energy sources

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Need a hand with finding the right green solutions for your city?

The European project URBAN GreenUP has released a digital tool to help cities identify the best Nature-Based Solutions to tackle environmental problems and become more resilient to climate change   Cities worldwide are having a massive negative...

Tool Info Energia

Info Energia is a service for all the customers of an energy supplying cooperatives or companies. It is a personalised energy awareness service. It provides information to consumers through two channels:   Monthly report with benchmarking against...


Building design advisor




IDA Indoor Climate and Energy

IDA ICE is a dynamic multi-zone simulation application for accurate study of thermal indoor climate of individual zones as well as the energy consumption of entire buildings.Version 4 will bereleased in August 2009

BRITA in PuBs information tool BIT

Calculation of the German energy performance of buildings standard DIN V18599 with ibp18599