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IRENEC 2011, International 100% Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition

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The aim of this conference is to promote the monumental transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and to contribute to the 100 percent goal to be reached without nuclear energy or carbon-capture technology.

IRENEC 2011 will cover the most significant topics to lead a way to discussions and shifts in thinking in a world so overwhelmingly dependent on fossil fuels.  The evolutionary developments in technology as well as in legal frameworks together with an increasing public awareness make it possible for the rational use of secure, sustainable and competitively priced renewable energy sources. 

This conference will gather a notable international audience in Türkan Saylan Culture Center Maltepe - Istanbul, to share this inspiring but achievable vision and to seize the opportunities and deal with the challenges.

The Conference Topics

  • Planning the Future Energy Mix with the Technologies of the Future
  • Energy-Economy-Environment Integrated Decision Support Tools 
  • End-use Energy Efficiency in Industry  
  • End-use Energy Efficiency in Transportation
  • Storage Technologies of Renewable Energies
  • Solidarity of Energy End Use Efficiency with Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Internalization of External Costs
  • Wind Turbine Technologies
  • Process Heat Production from Solar Energy
  • Electricity from Sun
  • Biomass Energy and Related Technologies
  • Geothermal Energy Implementation
  • Zero Energy Buildings
  • Education and Research for 100 % Renewable Energy
  • Training of Renewable Energy Technicians, Engineers, Teachers, Decision Makers and Business People
  • Relations and Interaction of Nature and Human Activities
  • Harmful Subsidies
  • Smart grids for renewable energy integration
  • Climate Change; GHG Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Zero Carbon Cities, Energy End Use Efficiency and Renewable Energies in Municipalities
  • Financing Renewable Energies

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