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Zero emission buildings

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Some days ago I was visiting a zero-emissions building in Spain, this building uses some renewables systems to generate both thermal and electric energy like geothermal, solar pv in facades and roofs and three small wind turbines. Moreover the building uses mainly the natural lighting has a very low energy consumption, etc...

The info about the building is in the following link: info

I also work in a Zero-emisions building, the information is available in www.fcirce.es 

As the issue of zero-emission buildings is advancing so fast I wonder if you know other proposals for zero-emission buildings, their results and main characteristics.

I hope your comments

Zero emission buildings


Hi Abel!!!

Take a loot at this: http://www.sotaventogalicia.com/area_tecnica/english/py_vivienda_bioclimatica.php

It's a small, but interesting Galician project.

Hi Abel,

The International Energy Agency is developing a "net zero energy buildings database". You can find the complete information and 11 case studies in the website: http://iea40.buildinggreen.com/index.cfm

Besides you will find an intereesting book about net zero energy buildings in this website: http://www.detail.de/GreenNetZeroEnergyBuildings/blaetterkatalog/index.html

Of course "zero emission buildings" and "zero energy buildings" are different concepts, but they are inter-related.