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Solar thermal bounces back as ESTEC 2011, the 5th European Solar Thermal Energy Conference, opens its doors in Marseille!

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Brussels, 25 October 2011. ESTEC 2011, the largest European solar thermal conference began in Marseille, France on 20 October. With over 300 participants coming from more than 30 countries, ESTEC confirms its position as the premier solar thermal event in Europe.

ESTEC 2011 is setting new trends for solar thermal! For the first time, the biennial European Solar Thermal Energy Conference is being held outside Germany, the largest European market by far. In selecting France as the host country, ESTIF and ENERPLAN - the co-organizer of ESTEC 2011 - wanted to stress that the solar thermal market growth is increasingly coming from other large European countries, and in choosing Marseille, the gateway to the Mediterranean, highlight this region’s huge potential both from the northern and southern shores. Another first were the Qualisol sessions: ESTEC 2011 featuring sessions dedicated to installers whose key role in the market is being acknowledged, and their presence demonstrated that the conference was keeping in touch with market realities. “In 2011, after three consecutive difficult years we need as an industry to look for new opportunities and untapped potentials! We have designed the ESTEC programme to show to the industry where we, ESTIF, ENERPLAN think the industry should be heading for a bright future” stated Mr Robin Welling, ESTIF President and TiSUN Managing Director. In general, the conference topics covered key technical issues, policy frameworks, and international market reports with a strong emphasis on emerging markets in southern Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East; bringing together around 80 speakers from over 15 countries, including leading experts in their fields. ESTEC 2011 was organized by ESTIF, (the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation), and ENERPLAN with the support of ADEME. ESTIF, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation ESTIF is the voice of the solar thermal industry, actively promoting the use of solar thermal technology for renewable heating and cooling in Europe. With around 100 members from 19 European countries, ESTIF represents the entire supply chain. ENERPLAN, the French Trade Association for Solar Energy ENERPLAN represents the interests of the entire solar energy sector in France (manufacturers, designers, consultants, installers, architects, energy specialists, etc.). Its mission: Encourage the promotion and development of solar energy. Its strategy: Represent stakeholders in the solar industry, stimulate and shape the sector, develop applications. CONTACTS ESTIF Theresa Doetsch Tel : 00 32 2 546 19 89 ENERPLAN Rumeur Publique, Jérôme Broun Tel : 00 33 1 55 74 52 34