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2020 target and wind power results

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Recently in Spain the government has approved the 2020 Renewable Energy Plan, which sets the way for Spain to exceed the EU target that 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2020. The Plan establishes that Renewable electricity will cover the 61% target PER in 2020. The weight will increase renewable electricity generation by 30%, 57% in thermal uses and 125% in transport. The Plan will generate an economic benefit estimated at 29,000 million euros thanks to lower oil imports. Furthermore, the period will prevent the emission of 171 million tons of CO2. Mature technologies are consolidated and intends to regulate the consumption and focus on R & D with technologies such as geothermal or wave energy. Also I would like to comment that the last 13rd of november at 2:00 am in Spain the electricity consumed was covered in more than 50 % by means of wind power. This succes remenber me that maybe only some years ago this contribution could seem imposible but now it is a reality so the RES with the adequate technical and the effort in R&D can be introduce in the electric grid and management. I hope your comments about the RES contribution in the grid in other countries and the situation of the 2020 targets.
2020 target and wind power results


Thanks for your post Abel!!! I would like that you to send me more information about this news, besides, could you please let me know about any other Web site and the sources where you've got the information? I will be very grateful. Thank you very much! Best,

Hi, Last Wednesday I attended the presentation of the new RES National Plan (PER) in Madrid (Spain). In this presentation, the IDAE (Institute of diversification and energy savings) presented to society the new programs, budgets, strategies and subsidies for supporting the renewable energy sources in this country. The question is: With the current economic situation in Spain, wouldn't it be better to have delayed the publication? Thanks for your answer. Best!