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All Systems Go! The 2012 National Symposium on Market Transformation

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2012: All Systems Go! From building codes and standards, to government- and utility-sponsored efficiency programs, to the energy systems in our buildings and equipment, all signs point toward enhanced integration as the next frontier for energy efficiency efforts. This year’s conference theme, "All Systems Go", will explore the idea of integration throughout the field of energy efficiency. Attendees will learn about emerging techniques to maximize energy savings through systematic approaches to program design and implementation.
Array Some of the 2012 Program Highlights:
  • Three (3) sessions on energy efficiency financing: Lessons From the Real World; Introducing Energy Efficiency Into the Mortgage Underwriting Process; and Strategies for Successful Private Financing of Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Three (3) sessions on codes: The Role for Utilities in Code Development; Codes In Renovations; and New Developments in “Green” Codes
  • Two (2) sessions on emerging technologies for efficiency programs: What’s Out There and What’s Ready for “Prime Time?
  • What If Zero Net Energy Works?Examining the Unintended Consequences of ZNE
  • Building Performance with ENERGY STAR: What It Is and Early Experiences
  • Transitioning from Component Replacement To System Analysis In Buildings
  • Manufactured Housing: Examining the Efficiency Potential and Best Practices for Programs
  • The New Frontier In Lighting: Opportunities and Challenges for Efficiency Programs
  • Strategies for Green Lease Adoption
  • Using Benchmarking and Building Performance Data to Transform the Commercial Real Estate Market

Please click here to go to The 2012 National Symposium on Market Transformation website for the latest program updates.