Heat Pumps in buildings


IDA Indoor Climate and Energy

Widely used and verified building energy performance simulation programme developed in cooperation with Royal Swedish Technical University and Helsinki University of Technology, and widely used in consulting and research purposes.
IDA ICE is a dynamic multi-zone simulation application for accurate study of thermal indoor climate of individual zones as well as the energy consumption of entire buildings.Version 4 will bereleased in August 2009

International Heat Pump Center (HPC - IEA)

The IEA Heat Pump Centre (HPC), an international information service for heat pumping technologies, applications and markets. The goal is to accelerate the implementation of heat pumps and related heat pumping technologies, including air...
Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter/journal. The aim with the newsletter is to present heat pump technology, markets and market development, and information from annexes in the Programme. The newsletter is presented in a full version...

3rd International Conference Solar Air-Conditioing

The positive trend of Solar Cooling applications is growing stronger. A number of technical seminars, courses, and communication actions have been organised in several countries. Congresses, exhibitions, and fairs have been recently included into...
Array Topics of the conference are: 1. Components: - heat driven water chillers - heat driven open cycles 2. Systems Technology 3. Practical Experience: Operation, Maintenance, Energy Performance, Cost Performance 4.Solar Cooling...

Alternative power First National to hook up 4 fuel cells for electricity

A bank in Omaha, Nebraska plans to use fuel cells as the power supply for its new Technology Center. The steam that is produced will be used as backup heat

Energy conservation and use of renewable energy in buildings

This annual focuses on suitainable technology for heating , ventilating and cooling of buildings with strong contribution from sceinced of building physics

REHVA - Federation of European Heating and Air-conditiong Associations

This site offers information on activities related professional association in HVAC domain in Europe. Useful information on publications. Presentations from event, and also contacts to national organisations in 28 member countries of REHVA.

FEM Sekretariatet

On this site you can find information on the five schemes, which together managed by FEM Secretariat: - Energy labeling of buildings - Inspection system for boilers and heaters - Inspection of ventilation system...

New Ways of Cooling - Information for Building Designers

Buildings in the UK are currently significant users of conventional cooling systems, which are usually electrically driven. This Report aims to make building designers in the UK more aware of some less familiar cooling technologies that have the...
The technologies considered by this Report are covered in detail and cover the following categories: Night-time cooling storage systems Ground and ambient coupling systems Alternative HVAC systems Alternative delivery systems The...