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Energy Efficiency Directive adopted by the Council of the European Union

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After the approval by the EU Parliament on 11/09/2012, last week, the Council also adopted the Energy Efficiency Directive. Each member state will be obliged to set an indicative national energy efficiency target, based on either primary or final energy consumption, primary or final energy savings or energy intensity. They should also indicate their forecasted absolute level of primary energy consumption and final energy in 2020, taking into account that Union's energy consumption in 2020 has to be no more than 1474 Mtoe of primary energy.

Energy efficiency in buildings is at the forefront of this effort. Inter alia:

Art. 4 requires each member state  to establish a strategy for renovation of the building stock.
Art. 5 requires that each year 3% of floor area of buildings occupied by central government is renovated each year and solicitation be made to regional and local bodies to draft energy efficiency plans and use energy performance contracting.
Art. 6 requires central governments to purchase only products and buildings with high energy-efficiency performance.
Art. 9 supports a general provision of individual meters.
Art. 10 requires to deliver to customer accurate billing information  based on actual consumption.
Art. 16 requires the Availability of qualification, accreditation and certification schemes.
Art. 19 requires member state to evaluate and possibly take measures to alleviate the split of incentives between the owner and the tenant of a building or among owners, with a view to ensuring that these parties are not deterred from making efficiency-improving investments.

You can find official press releases and the draft version adopted here and here.