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MESSIB – Multi source Energy Storage System Integrated in Building

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Energy storage is the way to conserve energy in one form and release it when needed in the same or another form. Energy storage is used to store both thermal (heat and cold) and electrical energy by electrochemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal methods. Energy storage has always been closely associated with solar installations, including both solar heating and no grid connected photovoltaic applications.

The MESSIB project finally comes of age: after 4 long years of intense work, facing different kinds of adversities, this ambitious project fulfills the expectations of its consortium members, giving birth to the idea of integrating four storage technologies (2 thermal and 2 electrical) into edification.

From the initial development of MESS technologies, apparently disconnected among themselves, the varied progress achieved step by step during this period has led to the conviction of being able to attain a more global vision based on smart management of energy fluxes for the reduction of the carbon footprint and the enhancement of energy efficiency.
The effort has not been spent in vain and the new focus became more realistic each day, failing and starting again, proposing new solutions to the technical constraints and normative barriers, changing concepts and methodology, pushing the vision over the initial targets defined at that time and achieving, even though it was at its germination stage, the realistic definition of the integrated concept of hybrid energy storage system for the edification, combined with multiple energy generators.
The primary concept of load shifting and matching of production with consumption have been improved with the new of RES firming and energy transformation, bringing added value to the mere single technologies developed and manufactured for the project and defined by higher performance in respect to the existing market.
A change of mentality is needed for pushing the construction sector in the direction of the self-sustainability of the building, where the energy produced by RES is saved, stored and distributed according to effective necessities in real time, reducing the contribution from the electric grid and from fossil fuels.
Even though this concept is currently under development in different and more complex projects, based on the concept of “Smart Grid” and “Smart Cities”, the MESSIB brings its small contribution to R&D to a more sustainable future. Obviously the results do not have immediate validation in the short term market but clearly define the way to follow at medium term for products suitable for the high level of technology required by the new stakeholders facing the energy market.
Therefore, MESSIB storage systems configure themselves as a new suitable tool for the upcoming times, based on distributed energy and hybrid thermal-electric “on time” grid.
Find out more about the project in the MESSIB brochure or visit the website here.

Silvio Vitali Nari, project coordinator