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(Updated) time table CEN-EPBD project

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(Rev01, April 26, 2013: CEN working document numbers added)

Dear all,

In one of the previous blog posts (July 2012) I presented a rough indication when to expect the products from the CEN work program to develop a second generation of CEN standards to support the (recast) EPBD.

Here an update on the history, current status and plans concerning the main products from phase 1:

== General status: ==

The progress with respect to the preparation of the working drafts of the documents is in general in line with the expectations (July 2012).

However, due to the necessity and wish to follow the internal CEN procedures, aiming at high quality, wide support and proper feed back (from the CEN Member Bodies and the stakeholders involved), there is a time gap between the finishing of the draft documents and their formal release.

The internal CEN quality procedures include editorial review, check for consistency, (for selected standards) translation into French and/or German and release for enquiry/consensus building and/or for approval. The translation into French and/or German language is required if the French respectively the German CEN Member Body decide so. These CEN procedures comprise specific time frames for each of these steps.

The project team wants to combine the need to follow these internal CEN quality procedures with the need to inform and obtain feed back from the countries as soon as possible and to complete the standards and other documents in time. Therefore, when working draft versions are ready, these are already informally distributed for comment to relevant CEN and ISO groups, and in parallel- to the liaisons of the EU and EFTA Member States. In this way the project team can immediately start to analyze the comments and to prepare an updated version, instead of waiting several months, after completion of the working drafts, until the formal version has been released and the successive enquiry period is closed.

As a consequence, the project team encourages early comments on the working draft versions.

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== Per document: ==

(Yes: a tabular overview would be nice... Maybe in a next update!)

In a separate blog you will find an (updated) synopsis of the work plan and (updated) brief descriptions of each of these documents.

Basic Principles for the set of EPB-standards
- CEN working draft document number: CEN/TC 371/N 268 (April 2013)
- Future CEN document number: CEN/TS 16628

Detailed Technical Rules for the set of EPB-standards
- CEN working draft document number: CEN/TC 371/N 269 (April 2013)
- Future CEN document number: CEN/TS 16629

Autumn 2012: First working draft documents were prepared and approved by the CEN Technical Committee (CEN/TC 371).

It was decided to distribute these documents for comment parallel with the overarching standard, a few months later. This enabled the project team to further improve these documents, in parallel with the preparation of the overarching standard, until March 2013.

Early April 2013: These improved working draft documents were distributed to CEN/TC 371 for information and comment (deadline May 15), as first step in the process of approval and publication. In parallel these working drafts were distributed to the other CEN committees involved in the EPBD-work for (informal) comments with the same deadline.


July 2013: Based on the results of this enquiry, the updated draft working documents will be submitted to CEN for the internal quality process (3 months), followed by 3 months consultation at national level, called the Technical Committee Approval (TCA) process (from Nov./Dec. 2013 until Feb. 2014). When this TCA vote does not fail, the two TS's will be published immediately.

Summer 2014: Updated versions, based on feed back during early stage of phase 2 of the project.


Overarching standard
- CEN working draft document number: CEN/TC 371/N 260 (Dec. 2012)
- Future CEN document number: EN 15603 [revised]

Dec. 2012: First working draft document was prepared and approved by the CEN Technical Committee (CEN/TC 371). Start of the internal CEN quality process to prepare the release as draft standard (prEN) for Public Enquiry. Initially it was decided to wait with distribution until the formal version would be released.

Early April 2013: Because the release of the formal version took longer than anticipated (mainly due to translations, see above), it was decided to already informally ask for comments on the working draft version, together with the accompanying Technical Report and the two draft Technical Specifications, to give the possibility for early comments (before May 15).


May 2013: Official start of the Public Enquiry period. Informal start of the preparation of the final draft.

Oct.2013: Official closure of the Public Enquiry period. Formal start of the preparation of the final draft.

Winter 2013: Draft formal vote version available (informally). Start of 3 months internal CEN quality procedures, followed by 5 months voting period.

Summer 2014: Publication of the final version.

Summer/Winter 2014: Informal updated version available, based on feed back during early stage of phase 2 of the project


Technical Report accompanying the overarching standard
- CEN working draft document number: CEN/TC 371/N 270 (April 2013)
- Future CEN document number: CEN/TR 15615 [revised]

More or less the same as the Technical Specifications (see above), but with a longer time span, since the final TR needs to be in line with the final EN 15603 to which it relates.

As part of the dynamic and interactive approach of the drafting project team, as mentioned above, the version of the TR distributed early April 2013 contains also already concrete proposals for improvement of the overarching standard submitted in Dec. 2012.


Accompanying software tool for validating and demonstrating the overarching standard

Summer/autumn 2013: Draft version will become available.

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== What about the status of Phase 2 of the project? ==

Autumn 2012: A detailed work plan has been made for phase 2 of the project: the setup and/or revision of all standards relevant to the coherent set of EPB-standards.

This work plan includes a prioritization of the work for each of the five main areas involved (building and building elements, heating and domestic hot water, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and building automation and control).

January 2013: Call for tenders published (deadline March 2013).


April-June 2013: Selection of experts and contract preparation.

Summer 2013: Start of the work.

Summer 2015: Final drafts of all EPB-standards available.


== What about cooperation with ISO? ==

From the start of 2013, following the work plans for the CEN-EPBD project phase 2, initiatives have been taken at several levels within CEN and ISO to prepare cooperation aiming at combined EN ISO standards on energy performance of buildings.

In September 2013, at the back-to-back plenary meetings of ISO TC 163 and ISO TC 205 and the ISO TC 163-TC 205 Joint Working Group on EPB (ISO/TC 163/WG 4), further concrete actions will be discussed.

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(Updated) time table CEN-EPBD project