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DYNASTEE Summer School 2013

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A Summer School on "Dynamic calculation methods for building energy assessment" will be organized in Almeria, Spain at the CIESOL Solar Energy Research Center of the UAL (Universidad de Almeria).

This is the second edition of the DYNASTEE Summer School and is organised by DYNASTEE in close collaboration with CIEMAT, EC-JRC-IET, DTU-IMM (Denmark) and ESRU (Glasgow, UK).

The main purpose of this summer school is to consider methods for using time series data to obtain valuable information about the energy performance of the building or the building component. Many of the dynamic methods can be seen as techniques which bridge the gap between physical and statistical modelling. During the summer course hints on software will be given and some software tools will be used. More specifically, the focus will be on how to extract essential performance parameters for buildings using these models and techniques.

The deadline for submissions is, 12 July, 2013.


Programme (contains 5 parts; for details of the programme, see below):
1. Homework (the participants will have to arrive a bit prepared).
2. Building Physics and hints on experimental setup.
3. Theory about models (ARMA, state space, etc.), modelling using
time-series and validation and on some tools.
4. How to obtain results like the physical characteristics, etc.
5. Modelling of a double skin PV ventilated facade as advanced example.


For further details and registration please see the additional document or click here to go to the DTU website.


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