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Building physics in urban environments- PhD Summer school 2015

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This intensive nine-day summer school is focused on the urban environment and its relationship with building physics. It aims at providing knowledge and tools for investigating:


  • how to mitigate alterations induced by urban morphology and by human activities on natural environment in terms of thermal, chemical, acoustical and visual parameters;
  • how buildings or groups of buildings can be arranged, positioned and designed in their territorial context (solar exposure, wind, pollution sources, noise…) to be better tailored to the urban microclimate we can expect to see nowadays in our cities. 


These issues will encourage students to formulate their own problems and find suitable answers in relation to their specific field of research in building physics.


Please note that the deadline for the submission of applications is: May 17 2015


For further information on the summer school lecturers, course topics and timetable, fees and accommodation etc. please contact:


As of the present time there is not a specific existing website for the summer school.  All the necessary information can be found on the enclosed document.

IABP, Politecnico di Torino
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