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Impacts of overheating in homes

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This leaflet, released by the Zero Carbon Hub, is intended for housing providers and building professionals. The document highlights and summarises some of the key impacts of overheating in homes. It is based on work carried out by the Zero Carbon Hub over the past two years as part of a large-scale project on ‘Overheating in Homes’, and draws specifically on a detailed evidence review of the ‘Impacts of Overheating’ prepared by AECOM for the Zero Carbon Hub.


Topics covered include direct impacts on residents’ health and wellbeing, as well as knock-on impacts for the wider economy in terms of productivity and energy supply and demand.


More specifically, contents include:


  • Overheating in homes.
  • Why does overheating cause health problems?
  • The heatwave plan for England.
  • What can residents do in response to overheating?
  • Building design and construction.
  • Business impacts on housing providers.


The leaflet is freely accessible at: