On-site renewable energy sources


Passivhaus Social: Cardiff, UK

A Passivhaus Social event aimed at Housing Associations, Local Authorities and all those involved with building energy-efficient housing.

Passivhaus, zero carbon & health   The Welsh Government has set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions (80% by 2050). Passivhaus offers a robust way to radically reduce energy consumption in the built environment...

EuroACE Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Buildings & Renovation in South East Europe - Slovenia

EuroACE is organising workshops in Member States to advocate for a quick and thorough transposition and implementation of the EPBD at national level.


The first event will take place next 8th May in Slovenia on Energy...

Last July 2018, the amended Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) entered into force, with a transposition deadline on 10th March 2020. Member States now have less than a year to implement new provisions on energy efficiency in...

Conference SET 2019 - call for abstracts

SET 2019 is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed international conference on sustainable energy sources and technologies that provides a forum for the exchange of latest technical information, the dissemination of the high-quality research...

International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings SEB-19

Following the success of earlier events in the series, SEB-19, the Eleventh International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings will take place in Hungary, on 4-5 of July 2019

SEB-19 invites participation and paper submissions across a broad range of sustainability and energy related topics relevant to the main theme of Sustainability in Energy and Buildings. Applicable areas include sustainable design and of...


ECRES has announced the extension of the deadline for full-text paper submission until 1st May 2019.   ECRES invites to participate at 7th European Conference on Renewable Energy Systems (ECRES2019). The...

35th Passive and Low Energy Architecture PLEA 2020 CONFERENCE - call for abstracts

PLEA is pleased to inform you that the official launch of the PLEA 2020 Conference has been announced in Hong Kong last December.   The 35th PLEA Conference will take place in A Coruña, Spain, between the...

ECOS 2019 - 32nd International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems

ECOS conference aims at disseminating advanced scientific and engineering knowledge on energy conversion and efficiency

The overall objective of the conference is to introduce scholars of the subject, policy makers, and interested groups to cutting edge research that benefit society. It is also intended to initiate discussions among international scholars...

IEA EBC Annex 67: Energy Flexible Buildings

The increasing integration of decentralized electricity production from renewable energy sources is often suggested as a key technology striving towards a sustainable energy system, mitigating fuel poverty and climate change. In many...