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Checklist for assessing the EU Winter Package on energy legislation

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Energy Union Legislative Package Tick-list by E3G

The European Commission has announced that it would release its "Winter Package" on November, 30th. 



The long-awaited legislative package is, as E3G consultancy names it, a "once-in-a-decade" set of reforms, containing 4 sets of legislative measures shaping the energy market, use of sources, energy efficiency targets and policies. An updated Energy Efficiency Directive, which will set out the design and implementation plans for a new efficiency target for 2030, alongside a revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.



E3G has published a briefing note which offers a guide for navigating the package and evaluating its success. 

This note:

  •  lists the core principles by which the EU should abide
  •  describes the legislation, and
  •  provides a checklist of expected results and targets


For further information, please visit the relevant E3G webpage at the link below.

See also the relevnat BUILD UP Publication.