Streetlight-EPC Implemented Projects - 28 best cases

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Streetlight-EPC Implemented Projects - Triggering the market uptake of Energy Performance Contracting through street lighting refurbishment


Despite the great potential, most European regions have not yet seen a significant development of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) markets.

Due to its lower technical and economic complexity, street lighting is a good "learning and testing ground" for EPC.


The project "Streetlight-EPC", funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, creates demand and supply for Energy Performance Contracting projects in 9 European regions by providing regional EPC facilitation services and supporting projects towards implementation. In the frame of Streetlight-EPC, 30 projects have already been implemented using a variety of EPC models and 10 more with other financing or operational models. In total, 20.4 M € have been invested so far.


This publication presents 28 of these projects (28 street lighting and 8 indoor lighting) as well as the project approach, key lessons learnt and conclusions.