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BUILD UP Skills Technical working groups

At the end of 2015, four Technical Working Groups (TWGs) were created to deal with four sets of issues that are key to the BUILD UP Skills projects. These are: finance (the long term sustainability of the projects), mutual recognition of qualifications; training materials and methods; and marketing / acceptance.

Each group has a Chair and a Vice-Chair selected from the BUILD UP Skills Pillar II / Horizon 2020 EE4 project coordinators. For each group, at least one thematic expert from Trinomics or Visionary Analytics has been assigned to support the Chair and Vice Chair steer the group throughout the project duration. The Chairs and consultants are responsible for the quality of the content and deliverables generated.

The first time the TWGs met was at the 7th BUILD UP Skills EU exchange meeting in Brussels in January 2016. The TWGs have met twice since then at dedicated sessions at each EU Exchange Meeting. The TWGs have also worked together between the EU Exchange Meetings, via teleconferences which aimed to advance the work of the Groups, such as preparing for the face-to-face sessions at the EU Exchange Meetings. The key issues discussed at these meetings -including next steps and action points- as well as the presentations, materials created and so on, are included in the EU Exchange Meeting Reports to Participants (found on the EU Exchange Meetings page).