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Smart GEMS Webinar recording | Dynamic, flexible and human-centric – Innovation towards smart energy management (by NUS)

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15th Webinar: Dynamic, flexible and human-centric – Innovation towards smart energy management presented by NUS


Building GHG emission can be reduced by increasing the use of renewable energy sources by suppliers at energy generation stations, energy efficient buildings, and most importantly, smart energy management of buildings to help implement effective use of limited energy resources. NUS are using their Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) Hub (a strategic research center at department of building) as a study case to address key challenges such “one-size fits all” concept of building systems and lack of building interaction between buildings/building systems and occupants.

Energy consumption, CO2 concentration profile and temperature profile were measured and analysed.

Also, NUS presented some innovative concepts and development in terms of building design, energy management of systems at buildings and communities, building interaction and connection with different systems and smart grid, and smart interaction between occupants and buildings for best possible environmental comfort. This will effectively reduce buildings’ energy consumption and Green House Gas (GHG) emission.