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One Click LCA Life Cycle Assessment software

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Life Cycle Assessment software

One Click LCA - Life Cycle Assessment software

One Click LCA is the highest rated Life-Cycle Assessment software for BREEAM, with a 100% Mat 01 rating, which means our users can achieve maximal LCA credits easily. We also provide modules for Life-Cycle Costing, Infrastructure, and Ecodesign, and we are compliant with more than 20 certification schemes, including  LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Energie Carbone, HQE, and many more.


One Click LCA automates the once tedious Life-Cycle Assessment process: you can upload your BIM, Excel, or gbXML file, use our native Revit plugin, or import data manually, and obtain a standard-compliant report in just one hour.


Bionova Ltd, the developer of One Click LCA, participates in the standardisation of Life-Cycle Assessment worldwide and we also organize webinars and trainings to educate audiences in the field of Life-Cycle Metrics and Green Building.

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