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Textile-based architecture: Exploring the state-of-the-art

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ETFE (Ethylene TetraFluoroEthylene) is regarded as a wonder material, with numerous economic and environmental benefits over traditional building materials. However, awareness of ETFE and its uses among architects and students remains low.


To counter this, the ETFE Multifunction Module (ETFE-MFM) project has designed a training lecture to give an introduction to textile-based architecture, and ETFE in particular. The lecture will provide an overview of architectural textiles, focusing in particular on ETFE, its qualities and its architectural uses.


Additionally, it will present state-of-the-art uses of ETFE for multifunctional surfaces, including the ETFE-MFM which integrates photovoltaics and façade lighting with control electronics and battery storage, to generate electricity in the day which can be used for illumination in the evenings. If you are an architect, a university professor or a student, join our workshop in Brussels on 8th November to know more about this material and keep up-to-date with its latest developments.


The event will be webcast and those participating remotely would be able to ask questions via online facilities.



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