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CoolHeating project: biomass use for district heating in Šabac

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The CoolHeating project goal is to support the development of the market for small modular renewable heating and cooling systems in cities and municipalities of South-East Europe (SEE). This goal will be achieved through the transfer of knowledge and joint activities of partners from countries with good practice examples (Austria, Denmark, and Germany) and countries with modest development in this sector (Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia).

Bringing projects of small modular renewable district heating and cooling systems in five selected cities and municipalities to the pre-investment phase would be the final outcome. Project activities are taking place in several cities and municipalities in the region of SEE: the City of Ozalj (Croatia), the Ljutomer Municipality (Slovenia), the Visoko Municipality (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Municipality of Karpoš (Macedonia), and the City of Šabac (Serbia).

The University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering (ETF), together with partners on the CoolHeating project, has completed pre-feasibility studies for two investment projects concerning small modular renewable district heating systems in the City of Šabac: the Summer House – biomass use in suburban areas and the New District Heating Plant – biomass use in urban areas.


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