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Innovative Materials for Seismic and Energy Retrofitting of the Existing EU Buildings

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The seismic and energy retrofitting of existing European buildings with innovative materials is addressed in this report. The need for retrofitting of old buildings emanates from their substandard design in terms of both earthquake resistance and thermal insulation. This is revealed during strong earthquakes that result in collapses and damages of old buildings and consequently in economic losses, severe injuries and loss of human lives.

Moreover, the poor energy performance of old building envelopes increases their energy consumption. The objective of this report is to explore innovative solutions for seismic and energy retrofitting of existing buildings. Towards such an objective, this report conducts a state-of-the-art review on advanced materials and solutions for enhancing the safety, energy and resource efficiency of the deficient EU residential buildings. Following the consideration of the conventional and state-of-the-art building materials and solutions, the report goes beyond the state-of-the-art by introducing. At the end the main challenges that need to be addressed in building retrofitting projects are listed (cost, sustainability, durability), and recommendations for future research activities towards sustainable buildings retrofitting are proposed. Finally, the socio-economic and environmental impact expected from such research projects is preliminary assessed.

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