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Energy Community Secretariat issues policy guidelines for eastern European prosumers

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The international organization, which aims to extend the good practices of the EU’s internal energy market to southeastern Europe and the Black Sea region, has released new guidelines for the grid integration of distributed generation power generators.


The Energy Community Secretariat, an international organization run by the EU and the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, and Ukraine – and which is responsible for transferring the good practices of the EU internal energy market to these eastern European countries – has issued New policy guidelines for the grid integration of prosumers.

According to the document, which provides recommendations and practical advice on how to implement self-consumption schemes across all of the aforementioned countries, requires all of them them to introduce a stable, transparent and comprehensive regulatory framework for prosumers, while enabling their respective power consumers to become more aware of and potential income related to distributed generation.

The guidelines insist on the fact that net metering on net billing schemes should be applied in all of these countries, and that, where necessary, secondary legislation must be implemented, in order to unblock un-applied provisions coming from main regulatory frameworks, as is the case in several of these countries.

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