Private rental sector and home energy retrofit investment in Scotland

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This report is an introduction to the issue of effective government policy with respect to energy efficient retrofit in the private rental secto, and to some of the evidence that relates to the topic.


It is intended to be relevant to both the development of energy retrofit policy in the private rental sector in Scotland, and to anyone with a general interest in the topic.


The report contains background information on the private rental sector and energy use in Scotland and on the existing approach to government policy, both in Scotland and across the UK. It is complemented with a summary of some of the evidence on the issue from the academic and non-academic sources that were gathered for this scoping report.


Finally, the report highlights some of the key topics that emerged from the evidence reviewed at same time that accompanies the full Energy Policy Effectiveness (EPE) evidence review - ‘Private household investment in home energy retrofit: reviewing the evidence and designing effective public policy' (see Kerr & Winskel, 2018). Many of the policy recommendations from this evidence review  -- that was focused on the owner-occupier sector -- also apply to the private rented sector (PRS). Energy retrofit implementation in the PRS will, for example, benefit from a policy framework that engages with the supply side that is aware of the appropriate trigger points for renovation and is also stable and well-understood by households and the surrounding industry. While this scoping report relates to that evidence review, it draws on evidence that is specific to the PRS and describes some of the reasons that the PRS is distinctive in terms of retrofit policy.