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One step closer to the mutual recognition of upskilled professionals in the construction sector

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To support the professional execution of nearly zero-energy buildings new pilot “Train the Trainer” courses are being implemented in Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Slovakia.


The nearly zero-energy building standard will very shortly become mandatory for new buildings. The challenge for achieving the European and national climate and energy goals is how to avoid construction errors which can cause higher energy consumption in buildings. To ensure an optimal workmanship, an air-tight building envelope as well as professionally installed heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are necessary.


The NEWCOM project (funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission) strengthens the professional execution of nearly zero-energy buildings by developing new training modules for building professionals. To establish the training modules, a knowledge hub was created in the form of a Moodle platform (see In each partner country (Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Slovakia) pilot “Train the Trainer” courses are being implemented in the following months to enable the market uptake of the new developed training modules.


With the aim of a Europe-wide comparability of acquired skills, a competence database is currently being developed. By means of this database a foundation for the mutual recognition of skills of professionals with respect to the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings throughout Europe will be provided.


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