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Workshop - Upscaling energy efficiency investment in Europe’s housing stock

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The H2020-funded DREEAM project is coming to an end in 2019. Now is the time to share the project findings and to motivate social housing providers across Europe to scale up and facilitate investment in the energy renovation.

As part of the International Social Housing Festival, on Wednesday the 5th of June, a workshop will be led by Bax & Company, a DREEAM project partner, to focus on participants’ portfolios and unveil the potential for scaling-up to reach ambitious energy performance objectives.


The objective is then to involve the entire public in this central theme. The discussion will revolve around the following questions:


  • How do you plan investment in energy renovation?
  • Do you take the most out of your data?

What about new approaches such as Energy Performance Contract or tenant contribution to energy savings?


To find out more and to register, please click here.

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