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X IAQVEC 2019 10th Int. Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings

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Conference theme: Healthy Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

IAQVEC is a premier international conference series, held once every three years.

The conference covers a wide range of key research areas with the goal of simultaneously improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and energy efficiency enhancing wellbeing and sustainability.

IAQVEC 2019 will be host within the Politecnico di Bari, located in via Edoardo Orabona n. 4 (Bari). The city of Bari, Puglia’s provincial capital, is on the Adriatic Sea, and is one of the finest destinations in southern Italy.

Main topics:

-Ventilation strategies and measurement techniques

-IAQ and Indoor Environmental Quality

-HVAC systems

-Smart Technologies for ZEBs

-ZEBs: design and energy modelling


In june 2019 the organisers have received almost 550 abstracts and over 380 full papers, which underwent a review process led by the scientific committee. After two round of review, almost 300 papers were finally accepted to IAQVEC2019.


"We are sure that the attention towards IAQVEC 2019 will grow even further in the next months and we look forward to meeting you in Bari next September"


welcome cocktail will be held on Thursday evening (September 5th) at Fortino di Sant’Antonio


A gala dinner will be held on Friday evening (September 6th) in the downtown area (around the harbor)


The conference organizing committee is working in collaboration with the organizing committee of the conference (IBPSA) Building Simulation 2019 in Rome to facilitate a bus transfer from Rome to Bari in the afternoon of September 4th.


The organizing committees will support the logistic of those participants to both conferences. Building Simulation 2019, the premier international event in the field of building performance simulation, that will be held in Rome from September 2nd to 4th  is a partner event of IAQVEC2019.


We invite all our attendees to be in Rome first to attend this other important event.


More details are available at

IAQVEC - Politecnico di Bari
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