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Rebuild Innovation platform for Italian buildings

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Since its first edition REbuild has represented a platform for analysis, learning, networking and doing business in the construction industry. The highly focused sessions and discussions on business cases and market opportunities give attendees a clear understanding of the innovation trends and opportunity of the sector. In the last editions, we have tackled the key role of deep retrofit for the real estate business and the strategies to put it in place at large scale.

REbuild is international: every year the event presents the best case studies in Italy and across the world, to find radical, concrete, effective, market-based approaches. For this reason, the convention is held both in Italian and in English and involves several foreign speakers in order to hear firsthand experiences




Appointment on 25, 26 and 27 June in Milan with REbuild 2019, the eighth edition of the annual event that has become a reference point for reflection on sustainable construction and innovation in Italy.


Registrations are open: from builders to developers, from companies to professionals, including technicians from the world of real estate, finance, IT and energy.


The suburbs, the most fragile part of a city, will be at the core of the new edition of Rebuild. Sustainability cannot be the objective of just a few, of the exclusive and rich parts of the city, but must become the patrimony of the whole community.


And the solutions must concern both the physical part of public and private heritage and its social dimension, through an involvement that sees citizens as active participants in the change.


The technical and economic solutions must be compatible with the most diverse contexts: the modern construction and redevelopment processes of the real estate heritage - capable of bringing manufacturing 4.0 and digital technologies into construction - must be accessible to most, bringing together innovations of a social nature that allow the widest community involvement. Innovation must therefore unite and not divide the community, but it must weld values and interests in the perspective of a cohesive and inclusive city.

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